Lecture / Discussion, ArtSonje Centre, Seoul, 2015. 

This site gathers the collaborative activity undertaken by Korean / Canadian artists HaeAhn Kwon and Paul Kajander.

Through the threading together of given and family names, HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander complicates the notion of individual authorship and addresses the constructedness of identity while resisting those tendencies that often force collaborative practitioners to adopt reductive brand identities.

Our practice antagonizes the culture of professionalism associated with patriarchal, white supremacist, settler-colonialist brutality and we do so through engagement with strategies of improvisation, the makeshift, pre-capitalist technologies, spirited resistance, joyful care and experimentalism.

Recent works have focused on the relationship between private property and the ascendancy of neo-liberalism, particularly through the brutal modernization of South Korea under the country’s post-war military dictatorship. Using research-oriented methodologies, we often draw from archival material as a way of de-centering dominant narratives, prompting associative leaps and material exploration that responds to culturally specific historical moments.

In collaboration, HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander have presented work at Trilobite et le Pneu (Montréal), Franz Kaka (Toronto), ArtSonje Centre (South Korea), Jack Barrett Gallery (New York), The Small Arms Inspection Building (Mississauga), Julius Caesar (Chicago), Nerri Baranco (Mexico City) and in the Public Programming for Art Toronto, 2019.

They are represented by Franz Kaka (Toronto).